Who the course is suitable for: Beginners with no previous experience to professional makeup artists who want to learn how to become the complete working bridal makeup artist from scratch.

What you can expect: Customised course curriculum and unique teaching methods developed to help you learn quickly and effectively. 10 days that could change your career and your life forever – making your dream job reality!

This bespoke, intensive, privately-taught course is designed to help you build the necessary skills and business knowledge in the most effective and efficient way so that you have the perfect grounding to start a successful bridal makeup artistry business delivering outstanding results and service to every client. This 2-week course uniquely includes a custom-tailored start-up business plan and portrait photography masterclass so that you not only learn how to present your work the way it deserves but also how to use it to market yourself on the web and social media platforms.

You’ll learn how to work confidently with various skin types and age groups; gain expertise in frequently required correctional techniques; and understand how to create the most suitable and flattering looks for your clients. It is run on either a one-to-one or two-to-one basis which ensures that you receive the maximum guidance and attention. This provides the ideal training experience so that you learn the necessary techniques required in order to become a highly skilled bridal makeup artist as effectively as possible.

After the course you’ll continue receiving support from the Academy via our Facebook Study Group: expect competitions, job sharing, test shoot invitations, work appraisals, special event announcements and discounts to future masterclasses with the Academy. Also you’ll be invited to assisting/observation days at the Kristina Gasperas Makeup and Hair Studio which will help you continue growing your skills and keep you on the right path. You’ll be welcomed into our family.

  • Detailed colour theory and the principles of colour harmony – learn in detail how to select the correct colours for a variety of skin tones in order to be able to choose the most effective combinations that will flatter your clients;
  • Facial anatomy – how to create the perfect oval regardless of face shape;
  • Correction of facial features – techniques to correct droopy/uneven eye shapes; deal with uneven/over-plucked eyebrows; enlarge thin lips; and correct/conceal problematic skin and under-eye areas;
  • Variety of makeup techniques and correct product selection – for a wide range of age groups and skin types;
  • Business set-up and a complete detailed business plan – how to start out in makeup artistry and build a successful career in the most effective way. Includes advice on setting and achieving business goals, correct prioritisation and task management, website design, pricing structure, social media presence and marketing. Initial website text enhancement, editing and proof-reading service included;
  • Portrait photography – the importance of having a great portfolio and the theory behind taking beautiful, clean portraits that showcase the makeup. The images taken of your models during the course can be used for your portfolio – around 15-20 are provided. Camera advice is also included; and
  • Start-up makeup kit advice – product recommendations suitable for a start-up professional makeup kit.
  • Bridal – the most frequently requested bridal looks. Interpreting your client’s requests correctly and delivering beyond their expectations;
  • Special Occasion – creating beautiful and current evening/special event looks;
  • Photographic – makeup that will look superb in photographs;
  • Makeup for mature women – specific techniques on how to make your clients look 10 years younger;
  • Individual eyelash application – learn how to effectively enlarge and elongate lashes and create an anti-ageing effect with the correct application of individual lashes;
  • Applying eye-liner – one of the most important practical elements of the course. How to use eye-liner perfectly no matter what the eye shape;
  • Smoky-eye – a hugely popular style. Create flawless, beautifully blended and striking smoky eyes;
  • Vintage flick – how to confidently create a 50’s liquid line flick. It is possible!
  • Heavier skin coverage – flawless application and results for clients who request heavier coverage;
  • Trending looks – learn which looks are currently popular on social media and how to create them. Looks that your Instagram followers (and potential followers) will love;
  • Sculpting techniques – contouring and highlighting to perfection; and
  • Correcting mistakes – how to correct makeup mistakes on the job: uneven eye-liner, shaky lip-liner, uneven eyebrows, etc. Mastering error correction is half the job!

We provide an in-house makeup kit for this course so no previous purchase necessary. If you already own a kit or partial kit we encourage you to bring it in however so that you learn how to make the best use of what you already have.

As an additional service we can shoot and edit a 60-second promotional video of you applying makeup that can be included in your portfolio to make it stand out, the cost of this is a discounted £190 for Academy students.

As standard course days start at 10am and finish at 3pm although timings can be changed to suit your availability.

A diploma is awarded upon successful completion.

Courses are run at the Kristina Gasperas Makeup and Hair Studio, 5A-7A Golden Court, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1EU although can be booked for a location of your choice.

Once a course with the Academy has been completed discounts are available for future courses and masterclasses.

Closest rail/underground/overground station to the Studio is Richmond, parking is available at the nearby Paradise Road car park (TW9 1SQ). Closest airport is London Heathrow.

To book a £500 deposit is required with the balance settled 2 weeks before the course start date. All major credit/debit cards accepted excluding American Express.

Check out the Why Study With Us page for more information and inspiration on why studying at the Kristina Gasperas Beauty Academy is for you.

Please contact us using this Contact link. We cannot wait to hear from you and help you achieve your goal of a successful makeup artistry career.

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