Introducing our custom in-house makeup and hairstyling training for bridal teams

Looking to help your bridal beauty team stay on top of their game and teach them new techniques as well as business know-how? Get your team members skilled up in no time by bringing the Kristina Gasperas Beauty Academy to you!

Since launching our masterclasses and bootcamps we’ve been inundated with requests to provide in-salon training, so we are now offering this as a service! We’ve consolidated the unique set of skills required for success into a complete programme that addresses every aspect of running a bridal styling business, so you and your team can grab every opportunity to grow your business in as fast a time as possible.

We know it can be hard to juggle running a busy salon and team whilst making sure that you and your stylists are getting all of the training that you all need.

So let us help. We’ll put together the perfect bespoke course that will ensure every member of your team’s makeup and hairstyling skills are up-to-scratch.

We’ll also train you all in how to confidently handle the business and marketing side of things to help keep your salon in the spotlight.

Getting your business to the point where you have a consistent flow of enquiries and clients is tough. We know this because we’ve been there ourselves trying every tactic in the book until we found what worked (and what didn’t!) We’ve poured every bit of this experience into our courses so that we can teach your team exactly what they need to focus on to ensure your salon diary stays full.

Get ready for the next wedding season now – CONTACT US to book your in-salon training so that you can beat your goals for next year!


We customise every training course to the needs of your team, their experience and their skill levels. The same tutors that run our masterclasses and bootcamps at the Academy deliver all of our in-salon training, including Kristina. We’re passionate about sharing with you and your team what we’ve learned over the years, so you can build a successful business with a legion of satisfied clients in the process.

What we can cover…

  • Makeup and hairstyling skills – we’ll help you and your team perfect the techniques you already have as well as teaching you some new skills with tricks that are guaranteed to impress your clients;
  • Portrait photography – alongside amazing skills, a well-maintained portfolio of work is the lifeblood of a successful bridal beauty business. We’ll teach you all how to take stunning portraits that will wow your clients and have news ones rushing to book you;
  • Social media – we owe much of our success to our Instagram tactics and will share these with you, including all the essentials such as timing your posts, which hashtags to use and what types of posts you need to publish; and
  • Business coaching – you may have brilliant skills with a brush but you also need some serious business know-how to make sure you can thrive. We’ll take a look at how you currently do things and show how you can improve your marketing and sales processes.

“I cannot thank you enough for the last two days!!! I loved everything about it. So creative and inspiring, and you teach with such passion. I honestly learned so much in such a short space of time.”


Salons in the UK and Europe…

  • For teams of up to 10 members – £349 per person per day; and
  • For teams with more than 10 members – £289 per person per day.

Salons outside of the UK and Europe…

We’re happy to offer a discount for multiple-day bookings, please CONTACT US for more details.

To book please CONTACT US and include the following details:

  • Where your business is based;
  • How many people you have in your team;
  • Whether you require makeup or hairstyling training or both;
  • Where you are with your business right now, what your goals are for the next 6 to 12 months and what particular problems or frustrations you’d like to address; and
  • Roughly when you’d like to schedule the training.

We’ve already helped lots of businesses and we’d love to help you – we can make a difference to your SUCCESS!

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